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About Clare

Clare is a change-maker. She helps organisations to tap into the collective potential of their people so that they can master personal leadership, thrive in change and stay fully productive and engaged.

Clare worked as a senior manager for 16 years with global information technology companies before leaving the corporate world to follow her passion for people development.  She is on a mission to shine the light on what stops us being the very best version of ourselves and guide us to our full potential.

Consulting to organisations across the globe, Clare specialises in the neuroscience of leadership and change and is on a mission to help people understand at a deeper level what’s going on between their ears, so that they have the next best thing to a manual for the mind.

When she’s not on a work mission, Clare loves nothing more than to immerse herself in nature, getting back to basics and dancing to her heart’s content – especially Zumba and Tap!

Clare’s Keynotes, Plenaries and Workshops

Blue Tunnel P

Signature Keynote​
‘Shining a Light at the End of the Tunnel’

After years of being on a mission to help others thrive in change, Clare is now sharing her personal story with the world. ​

It’s not so much the experiences per se that are any more unique than another’s, but the way Clare has learned to respond to them and build her capacity to thrive in chaos, uncertainty and exponential change. ​

Shining a Light at the End of the Tunnel’ is a story-based enlightening and inspiring keynote. ​

Clare will take you on a personal journey of triumph and tragedy and how, over the years, she has arrived at a place where she can be genuinely grateful for everything that has happened in her life and how each of those life-changing challenges has contributed to who she is now and why she does what she does.​

In this vulnerable, honest and authentic keynote you will be shown step by step how to flip the switch on even the most negative experiences, reframe challenges into opportunities, make gratitude the most important practice in your life and optimism and hope your best friends.

This keynote can be a springboard to deeper learning through the 'Dealing with Change and Building Resilience' workshops and programs that can be facilitated face to face, in a blended format or fully online.

All of the following keynotes can also be delivered as plenaries, seminars or in workshop format.


Shining a Light on ​Resilience and Change

An inspiring keynote that highlights the critical message for those who are experiencing unprecedented levels of change and uncertainty and looking for strategies to maintain and increase motivation, engagement, productivity and wellbeing.​

​Using Neuroscience and Positive Psychology as its foundation, this keynote educates, engages and encourages an attitude of radical resilience and a transition from resistance through acceptance to embracing change for good!​


Shining a Light on ​Self-care​

A 'wake-up call' keynote that explores the world of self-care from differing perspectives and why, though maybe an overused cliché, we need to metaphorically put on our own oxygen masks first, before helping others.​

It’s time to invest some quality time learning about the benefits of self-care, what self-care does to our amazing brains and simple, easy-to-implement strategies to replenish your cup and recharge your batteries for good!​


Shining a Light on ​Habits of Excellence

A challenging keynote that delivers a powerful message for anyone who wants better results from their time and time to design better results – it all comes down to developing stronger habits.​

​The difference between a highly productive day and leaving work feeling frustrated is down to habits and routines of productivity. It’s time to identify what’s working – what’s not – and make a sustainable change for good! ​


Shining a Light on ​Psychological Safety

A enlightening keynote that lifts the lid on the criticality of being able to speak up and have your voice heard without repercussion in the workplace. ​

​As leaders, how we create that safe culture is paramount to innovation and creativity, problem-solving and decision-making and the reduction of costly mistakes. Using case studies from those who didn’t have an emphasis on psychological safety, we learn equally what not to as what to focus on for good! ​


Shining a Light on ​Unconscious Bias

A highly interactive keynote that explores the world of human evolution, neuroscience and the different approaches being taken to address workplace bias. ​

​The focus is on increasing our understanding of the most prevalent biases that impact our ability to be impartial and objective and on developing practical strategies to deal with bias effectively and create a culture of inclusion and belonging for good!​

Magic book P

Shining a Light on the Magic of Story ​

An enchanting keynote that lifts the lid on the magic of story to inspire, engage and motivate.

Even before we could communicate orally, our earliest of ancestors knew the life-saving power of storytelling through cave paintings and later through language. When we communicate through story our whole brain lights up, we're fully engaged and we retain more of the message than data and information alone. Let Clare show you how.

Reasons to Engage Clare

Choosing an expert to co-develop and create exceptional outcomes for your people can be a bit of a minefield. Here are some reasons to consider Clare as that expert.


The strongest feedback Clare gets from engagements is her ENERGY.
She considers being called 'an infectious power-packed pocket rocket' an honour!


To understand your unique situation takes someone who is willing to take their shoes off first before walking in yours. Clare's ability to listen deeply and empathise is second to none.


Clare stays on top of the latest developments in neuroscience, change and leadership so she can match them to your most prevalent needs and issues.


Clare is down to earth and is passionate about making the complex simple and translating core challenges into practical, workable, implementable solutions.


Clare is an accredited brain-friendly trainer and goes the extra mile to ensure that what she shares is understood, engaging, remembered and retained for maximum return on investment.

Your results matter

The greatest compliment you could give Clare would be to share the feedback on what worked and changed back in the workplace AFTER she worked with you.

IWD B-40

Common Questions for Conference Organisers and Clients

Securing a speaker for your conference, seminar or forum is a major responsibility. You want to feel assured that what’s promised is what’s delivered and that event attendees come away feeling energised, enlightened and inspired to action or change.

Clare is an accomplished speaker and speaks from the heart with genuine enthusiasm. Her speaking style is animated and informal yet respectful, with a good touch of humour thrown in.

Whether your goal is to have current belief systems challenged, raise the bar on performance or to provide a fun and engaging interactive session, Clare will sit with you, listen, understand and customise her topic to capture your audiences’ hearts and minds.

What type of presentations do you offer?

When it comes to engaging a speaker, flexibility is key. Whether it be virtual or face to face, Clare customises every presentation to your requirements and timescales.

Do you 'sell from stage'?

When you organise a paid speaking engagement, your speaker will not (or should not) be promoting their services. Our job is to offer exceptional takeaway value where you remember the message not the spiel.

What if you can't make it?

Clare has NEVER cancelled a presentation – virtual or live. She is dedicated to making your experience easy and painless and prides herself on reliability. In the unlikely event of sickness, Clare can call on her associates as a Professional Member of the PSA - Professional Speaking Association, to jump in last minute.

How involved do you get?

Gone are the days where speakers flit in & out on a wave of ego! Clare engages with you and your audience throughout the process. She loves to meet and greet and stay behind for a chat too!

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, though I haven't ever used it because we spend time together in advance of your event to nut out the objectives and outcomes for everyone - the organisers, the decision-makers and the participants.

Will you speak without visual aids?

Of course - but please bear the following in mind. The visual cortex in our brain is larger than all the other cortices, so images are important for message retention and an immersive experience. Clare's slides are primarily images - you have permission to fire her if she ever reads off slides!


Yvonne Kelly
Director ANZ, NPA Network

Clare’s Keynote on ‘Moving from Working Harder to Working Smarter’ was inspiring, motivational and engaging. Clare used evidence-based theories on brain thinking and simplified her message as to how we can use this in our day to day as recruitment owners. I would highly recommend Clare.


Andy Menzies
EVP & MD, Financial Services, Eggplant

I engaged Clare to work with my team at TIBCO UK, knowing (from our time at SAP) she had the experience and professional presence to immediately command respect with my sales team. Clare delivered, helping me establish a ‘team’ mentality where the team was able to embrace change and drive higher motivation.

Tamara Wright IML

Tamara Wright
Head of Partnerships ANZ, IML

Clare is able to break down the complex theories of neuroscience, so they can be easily understood by the audience. She teaches you how to harness the power of your mind so you can improve yourself and your productivity at work. I would highly recommend Clare to speak at your next event.

Christy Wang Intrepid Minds

Christy Wang
Conference Manager, Intrepid Minds

Clare is a pleasure to work with! Her presentation on ‘Thriving in the Challenge of Change’ at our recent EA conference in Sydney was really enjoyable and full of great insights. She is an engaging speaker with loads of energy and passion. I can’t wait to work with her at our future conferences!

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